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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  August 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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we do have shower and thunderstorm chances in the coming days. i'll tell you all about that. >> and from willy wonka to young frankenstein, we say goodbye to gene wilder after a legendary career and life. good evening everyone. the man that brought willy wonka to life. a cleveland native showing the cavs this a one of a kind way and a high profile divorce this campaign cycle. chris tye has it all. >> reporter: it's last call at tim owen's travelers tavern in akron. typically bar closures don't make the news but they made a high profile last ditch effort to stay open recently. appearing on the spike tv hit show bar rescue.
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>> i go bankrupt. >> reporter: neighbors say they will miss the manchester road staple. their blow out goodbye is friday. one of hillary clinton's chief aids has separated from her husband. she is leaving her husband anthony weiner. she issued a written statement this morning. >> impossible. >> reporter: he was willy wonka but gene wilder was so much more. great gilda rader. gene wilder died monday from complications of alzheimer's disease. he is a die hard cavs fan, couldn't make it home for the games or the parade so he put together his own parade in utah. >> we want to parade, caravan van, from utah all the way to
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the u.s. in october ending on the cavs home opener october 25th. >> and if things go smoothly, he will be here potentially game one of the world series. >> because the al will be hosting it if the indians get that for. >> no matter who you talk to, people get excited and emotional when they say where were you? >> you were just in florida, i was in illinois this week. i had people coming up they botched the netflix documentary. and it's infectious. >> chris, thanks. now to the clock is ticking as negotiations continue to try to avoid a cleveland teacher strike by this friday. there is a news blackout on these negotiations. senior political correspondent tom beres says worried parents are just becoming aware of what might be coming. what might be coming? >> reporter: well, hi, jim.
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best. a possible teacher strike now just starting to get on the radar of cleveland students and cleveland parents. picket lines could go up at this and all other cleveland schools on friday unless a deal gets hammered out. there is a difficult issue on the table and with the big school levy on the ballot in november, there is much, much at stake. as cleveland students went homeland, parents starting to worry about a possible strike. chanel concerned for her three sons. how important they don't go on strike? >> it's very important. it's very important. we already going through a lot in cleveland. >> reporter: the big issue teacher evaluations. now test scores play a big role in how teachers get paid. teachers think too big. in previous interviews both sides union and schools optimistic of getting a deal done. >> when our compensation and our potential staff for layoff
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evaluations, it's critical for our members that they can have faith and confidence that the system is fair. >> that is where real problem solving is required. and where the parties have to come up with solutions for things that didn't work the first time. >> reporter: cleveland's unique school transformation plan makes it the only state system using this formula. and akron teachers get pay increases only on experience and education. it's the same story in cleveland teachers say it's not about money but fairness. last year the average cleveland teachers sally more than $69,000. the median $76,000 mrs. . cleveland parents not sure what to expect. >> has the school said anything to you in >> no, i haven't gotten anything in the mail. >> reporter: plans to pass the important school levy renewal are moving ahead strike or no strike. but that is certainly raising the strikes. now we would like to be able to
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what the contingency plans are for possible substitutes. parents more about what to expect. we would like to but our questions and calls to the federal mediator and teachers union and schools all getting no response. we hope it's because they are busy making progress. reporting live in cleveland tom beres channel 3 news. >> thanks very much, tom. we move on now. police say he runs a red light, crashes into another car, gets out and driver. tonight he's under arrest and charged with murder. but the question of why really comes to mind. alyssa raymond is joining us now with people who knew him and why they believe this really could have been prevented. >> reporter: here's why. matthew is served in the military. neighbors say he did a tour in the middle east and when he came back, he brought the effects of war home with him. kathleen salivaer to remembers
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fireworks. she believes he snapped saturday morning. >> he was a sweet guy. i think when that car flipped, he went back into war mode. >> reporter: he served in iraq and the u.s. marine corp and when he came back, he never got the treatment he needed. >> we all knew he needed help but what could we do? he is disturbed. very disturbed. >> reporter: a search of his background reveals back in may, police caught him with paraphernalia. and in july of 2011, he was arrested for being drunk and threatening a woman with a gun. now a judge formerly charged him with murdering 53-year-old deborah pearl. pearl's family pastor calls what happened a mystery and asked that the community pray. >> it's gut wrenching. because it's a senseless case of violence. and we are very disturbed about
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that justice will prevail. >> reporter: today a judge set desha's bond at $1 million. he will be back in court on wednesday. his family and pearl's family plan to be there. and jimmy will likely be there too. >> a sad story on that front. over on the campaign trail, hillary clinton will be back in cleveland next week just in time for labor day. the democratic presidential nominee district congressional parade and address the crowd in the afternoon. the event is sponsored by marsha fudge and typically an opportunity for democratic candidates and office holders to connect with greater cleveland's african american community. after controversy over massive price hikes, the company that sells the epipen has announced a generic version. it will launch the first
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couple weeks. the generic will cost $300. which is half of what the brand will cost. it will be identical to the brand name version. the auto injector is preloaded and used when a person has a severe allergic reaction. physician attitudes are changing when it comes to parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. pediatricians are pushing back and dismissing those patients and parents. monica robins explains. >> reporter: a new study in the journal of pe 2013, 87% of surveyed pediatricians says they have parents refuse vaccines. that is up 10% since 2006 but the reasons are different. many don't believe immunizations are necessary. but outbreaks prove that theory wrong. in 2014, unvaccinated amish brought the measles virus back to ohio. which resulted in 400 cases in nine counties. that same year hundreds of ohio
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mumps. and last year a measles outbreak spread the virus nationwide. the reason, linked to so many being unvaccinated against these ancient diseases. that many thought had been eradicated. and many parents are concerned that too many shots could burden the child's immune system. both concerns go against the advice of the american academy of pediatrics. this is the current vaccine schedule is both safe and protective. and more and more pediatricians are dismissing parents >> and dismissiles doesn't mean the child will get care. it means that pediatrician does not care for children. does not have children in their practice that are not immunized. >> reporter: her office at rainbow gives up to 250 vaccinations a day. >> i know there are at least two of us if you choose not to have your child immunized and there is no medical reason for it, then you can see somebody else in the group. >> reporter: but according to
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parents seem to be getting the message about getting their kids vaccinated. because in 2014, the state ranked 49th in the country for worst vaccination record. we have moved up to number 36. but two of our neighbors are still among the worst. west virginia at 50 and michigan at 47. however, right next door pennsylvania is among the best at number five. ohio allows medical philosophical exemptions autovacs own but if the latest trend continues, finding a pediatrician may be getting more difficult. monica robins channel 3 news. and today the cleveland fbi shows their dedication to kids literacy in northeast ohio. today the fbi citizens academy presented eight local law enforcement agencies with little free libraries. the bookcases can be found across the region promoting literacy earn the love of
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explore. when we come back on the news at 7:00, an entire field of reindeer found dead. what wiped out this entire herd that has folks scratching their heads. >> but first the colin kaepernick controversy continues. the fallout today after the quarterback refused to stand for the national anthem.
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in ten days the 2016
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authorities in rio de janeiro are drumming up support. and the paraolympic organizers are hoping to fill as many seats as they can. the campaign seems to be working. images like these literally fanning the flames of rage from some. after san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem at a preseason then this weekend he stood behind his decision saying he's protesting wrong doing against minorities in the united states. nbc jay gray has the latest on this saga for us tonight. ? oh say can you see ? >> reporter: it's the way the games begin. most every game honoring the flag and country. but as his teammates and the rest of the stadium stood for the national anthem last
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quarterback colin kaepernick took a seat on the bench. >> i will continue to sit. i will continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me, this is something that has to change. >> reporter: kaepernick's sit in as he says is way to stand up against what he calls wide spread racial injustice in america. >> there is people being murdered unjustly and not being held accountable. >> reporter: it's something he has discussed openingly online for a long time. those that talked to him about the protest says he is committed to the >> he shed they can take away football, they can take away endorsements, that is fine. >> reporter: his team and the nfl says kaepernick hasn't done anything wrong. the league addressed the issue. players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem. but yet there has been push back. >> you've got to respect the flag. and you've got to stand up with your teammates. >> reporter: but kaepernick
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until he sees change. jay gray nbc news. and still ahead. is it lights out for one of cleveland's hottest twitter accounts? the future of the famed terminal tower lights page. >> plus how soon some wet weather and a slight cool down
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this is a sad story coming up. eerie sight getting a ton of social media attention today. more than 300 wild reindeer were killed by lightning in federal norway. wildlife officials are calling it an unusually large natural disaster. the norwegian environment agency says 323 animals were killed in the lightning storm which happened on friday. while it's not uncommon for reindeer nor other wildlife to be killed by lightning, these large numbers are unheard retailer could be weeks away from launching a music streaming service. amazon is near deals with the major record labels to launch a subscription music streaming service. it could come as soon as next month. pandora is closing in on licensing deals for its own demand seeming service. and twitter tonight buzzing
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@towerlightcle. those interactions are often a lot of fun. but late last week some cryptic tweets started lead manager to believe since terminal tower was sold to new owners, the account may be shuttered. multiple request for comments have gone unreturned. >> that would be a shammashim. that is is one of the things you take friends out and downtown and are like hey you like pink. would you like to see it turn pink? that's what you do. you i'll catch you up on the whole twitter phenomenon. it's this new thing. >> and they say phones are wireless. >> that's what i hear. and you cannot only call people, but just send them messages. >> really? son of a gun. >> things they think of these days. [ laughter ] let's take a look at forecast. temperatures in the low 60s under mostly clear skies. very pleasant conditions with light and variable winds expected over night. eastern half of the country seeing a lot of scattered rain
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on. it's the south eastern corner of the country that has people talking. we have a tropical depression in the southern gulf of mexico. and another one off the north carolina coast. both of those are expected to strengthen. both of them are expected to hang a north easterly track which means the storm which is tropical depression eight offshore of north carolina will go out to sea. not expected to be a problem. tropical depression nine could strengthen and hook itself into the big bend of florida. that is something people e could be happening in the next 24 hours that it would strengthen than it would start to move northeastward. in the meantime, we have the opposite. high pressure in control. nice settling high pressure bringing us lots of sunshine. out to the west, there is a cold front. that cold front will scoop up a lot of this moisture. bring it through northern ohio as we go through wednesday. we are looking for shower and storm chances on wednesday. and then we will get our first
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for the day tomorrow, we anticipate starting off on a pretty mild note. temperatures right around the 60-degree mark at 8:00. by noon, no clouds. temperatures going to be in the mid 80s. we will aim highs tomorrow in the upper 80s across northern ohio. high clouds will start to increase through the evening but as of right now, it does not look like we will have any problems as far as rain goes for the day. as a matter of fact, sunny to mostly sunny skies in the forecast. we start in the 60s. we make it through a nice day as well. expect if you are sailing. not a good day for sailing. but it will be flat. so if you have one of those power boats, get out there and rip it up. window nation seven-day forecast has the mid 80s for tomorrow. lots of sunshine. we'll bring the thunderstorms through on wednesday. clear them out on thursday. look at that. highs in the mid 70s. it will feel fallish. and then by the weekend, we will go the other direction
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what a day in berea. the browns said goodbye and they also pulled off another trade. bye bye to paul kruger. all of that coming up. our region is rising. northeast ohio has overcome obstacles to achieve success. tomorrow night at 7:00 we launch a brand new series. is stories from across northeast
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teams they have to get down to 75 players on their roster and they have to do that by tuesday tomorrow by 4:00 in the afternoon. but the browns took care of it today. there was a surprising cut right away. outside line backer paul kruger was cut. three seasons here. started 46 games for the browns. he came here after winning a super bowl with the baltimore ravens. he was scheduled to make $6.5 million this year. $7million next year. and i think his age at 30 his salary and that made him expendable. williams the defensive back, he was also cut today. he was not happy with the demotion at the start of the preseason schedule. and he ran a foul to the coaching staff and organization and he was cut loose but i think he wanted to leave any way. punter andy lee a three-time pro bowler was traded to carolina and a 2017 seventh
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choice. >> so your secret voice of the browns notebook has just been -- rewritten. >> i know. i have to do another one. you are right. >> a lot of edits. >> the magic number. >> 29. >> is it 29? that is right. . any combination of indians wins tiger losses adding up to
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inside vmas, the moments you didn't see on tv. beyonce drops the mic, but how much did her daughter blue ivy's dress after the show. >> why was she with her ex? >> inside rob lowe's roast. >> get ready to bring it and take it. >> as stars recreaae his teen we uncover the one who claims she hooked up with him. and head home to iowa with ashton kutcher. >> i have a secret passion for singing. >> mila cheers them on.


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